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Single jib portal crane structure Design

Oct 10, 2017
Single jib portal crane is a kind of hoisting machine especially used in port, with small investment and swiftness benefit for loading and unloading front apron container, sundries and bulk cargo. 
Single jib portal crane generally includes the following units: crane strong steel frame, lift mechanism, slew mechanism, crane travel mechanism, spreader device (grab, container spreader, magnet and hook as your actual demand on crane), electrical equipment and other accessory equipments for safety.
Single jib portal crane is extensively applied to dock's bulk cargo (coal, ore and so on) and other cargo ship loading and unloading as well as slipway repair.

Single jib portal crane Structure

Modular design
According to the general rules of Single jib portal crane, it forms the hoisting mechanism modeule, trolley traction mechanism module, trolley assembly module, steel structure module, founction module, general module and etc. 
The standard module production ensures Single jib portal crane stability of quality and shortens the delivery cycle.
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Steel shot blasting pretreatment, the surface quality reaches Sa 2.5 grade.
Single jib portal crane wheel and wheel shaft through the high frequency quenching and tempering treatment, it eliminates the internal stress and ensures the machining accuracy. Adopt the welding robot, the main girder inseam weld by advanced MAG welding. The main girder welding adopts radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing to ensure the welding quality.

single jib portal crane