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Portal crane features

Oct 10, 2017
1. Modular Design
* According to the general rules of products, components, the portal crane is with hoisting mechanism module, trolley traction mechanism module, trolley assembly module, steel structure module, function module, general module and etc. 
* The standard module production ensures portal crane quality stability.
2. Advanced Manufacturing Technology
* Steel shot blasting pretreatment, the portal crane steel surface quality reaches Sa 2.5 grade.
* Portal crane wheel and wheel shaft through the high frequency quenching and tempering treatment, it eliminates the internal stress and ensures the machining accuracy. Our factory use the welding robot, the main girder inseam is weld by advanced MAG welding. The main girder welding adopts radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing to ensure the welding quality.
3. High Reliability                                                                                                                   
* The portal crane motor and ruducer are famous brands with industry reconnition, quality assuranc with reliable quality.
* The portal crane main electrical components is from the selection of Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other international well-known brands, the protection degree electronic control box is less than IP54.
4. High Quality Material and Components                                                                              
The portal crane adopt the steel plates from Bao steel, Wuhan steel, Handan steel, all steel should be inspected by our National Technology Test Laboratory to ensure the quality.
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