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Offshore Hydraulic Floating Portal Crane

Dec 07, 2017
Port or harbour portal crane is used for loading and discharging cargos from ships or shipbuilding. It is suitable at various of ports and shipyards with the help of hook, hanger, grab, container spreader etc. Portal crane is also called portal jib crane, mobile slewing luffing crane, the most important parameter is the lifting capacity and working radius.
Floating Portal Crane compose of hoisting system, luffing system, tow trolley system, gantry traveling system, steel structure system, functional parts system, general system, cabin accessories system, design standard, acuracy, and accelerate deign process.
Floating Portal Crane applies Renewal Energy Feedback Power Grid with digital AC Frequency conversion speed control system, spreader telescopic chain adopt metal materials, anti-seismic capacity, acute and reliable fabric sensor, the structure consists of large, medium, small balancing beam, equipped trolleys for traveling smoothly. 
floating portal crane