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Marine Offshore Ship Deck Crane

Nov 28, 2017
The Ship Deck Crane power is three-phase AC; rated frequency is 50 Hz; rated voltage is 380V; the working environment temperature is -20-+45℃; the max.relative humidity is no less than 85%. Ship Deck Crane working class of the crane is A3-A5.
The Ship Deck Crane has special requirements for environmental conditions shall execute the contract articles.
Ship Deck Crane safety feature:
1. Weight overload protection device
2. Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer
3. Crane traveling limit switch
4. Voltage lower protection function
5. Emergency stop system
6. Current overload protection system and so on.
The basic parameters (rated lifting weight, lifting height and span, etc.) of the Ship Deck Crane shall be described clearly when the user orders goods or signs a contract so that  the product which may satisfy the working condition can be supplied.
ship deck crane